In the summer of the transfer market, Manchester United and Real Madrid's relationship is destined to "love to kill": Over the years, Real Madrid has been hoping to take away from the hands of Manchester United De Gaia Emerson Etem Jersey, this summer, of course, no exception; Galactic warships, including Morata, including many players coveted. 2015, Real Madrid has almost completed the introduction of Deheya's deal Glenn Anderson Jersey, but the last moment that shaking transfer is still aborted. It now appears that Manchester United, Real Madrid in the transfer market wrestling, will continue until the summer window closed before the last moment, the outside world simply can not predict what the two sides will eventually make the decision. But one thing is certain, that is, whether it is Manchester United or Real Madrid, have their face to see very important, they will not recognize each other than their own better. Liverpool in the last season won the Premier League fourth, also received the opportunity to participate in the next season Champions League playoffs, and from the team's lineup configuration, if you want to achieve success in the new season Matt Hunwick Jersey, you must reinforce the lineup new york rangers jersey for sale. The Red Army last season, the main 433 formation, the three main striker Kutiniao, Ma and Phil Mino is the main force, although the three tacit understanding, but the lack of a strong substitute, so the introduction of a top striker became slag cool Of the first choice. Obama is not the traditional station pile center, his excellent technology, the ball wind Smart, counterattack threat, and the current style of Liverpool is very much in tune, so also received the attention of the Red Army high. Also disclosed Conte's plan to transfer to Marina-Granovska Kaya, including re-sign Lukaku, bought Juventus left-back Sandro and Monaco's Bakayoko, while former Manchester City goalkeeper Caballai Luo has also agreed to join the Blues, in addition, Conti also want a central defender and a winger, Bonucci and Bayern Boateng are on the list of Conti.