Florentino repeatedly stressed that Real Madrid has never received any one for the Mora tower, J Luo offer, but it is well known that Manchester United is very much hope to get Mora Viktor Stalberg Jersey, Old Trafford has even been He made a good contract, but even so, Florentino still insisted that Real Madrid did not receive the offer of Manchester United. For Mora Rata such a rotation player, Florentino is so cautious, how can he be in the C Luo's transfer problem on the care of it? O'Bermei Yang in the past two seasons to play a strong, has become the world's top soccer recognized top striker. Although the play in the Dott good, but the Obama is very deep with the high-level contradictions (the media that Obama and Dott's sponsor differences lead to both disputes) Chris Mueller Jersey. Prior to the German media "Bibliography" said Obermei Yang has cleared his own wardrobe in the Doric dressing room, while Obama's brother is still on the social network drying out of Obama's baggage baggage photos. The Sky Sports is disclosed, Conti and Chelsea good new contract salary between 950-1000 pounds, which also makes him the highest salary in the history of Chelsea coach Nathan Gerbe Jersey. At present, Conti and Chelsea also have a two-year contract. Last week, Chelsea in response to the hole from the rumors of noncommittal Brandon Pirri Jersey, but said Kong Di in Chelsea had a very happy. Sky Sports also revealed that Conti's wife and daughter will be moved to London to live with him.