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According to Florentino

Le 27 juin 2017, 08:18 dans Humeurs 0

According to Florentino, C Lo is currently in a "strange" environment, he himself is "never considered" the possibility of selling the Portuguese star; In addition, Real Madrid President also made it clear that any one Players should be in accordance with the provisions of the law for their own income tax, portrait income, of course, should also be included Oscar Lindberg Jersey. Florentino has always been wily, he is always cautious of the card, and as the only candidate for this year's election Chris Kreider Jersey, Florentino know that there will be players this summer to leave the Bernabeu Stadium, and the identity of the club president, of course, he Will not admit that they want to sell what players, because it for him and Real Madrid, there is no good. And this is the practice of excessive pursuit of money but angered the Milan fans, but also led to the media and some football places for the Raiola and Dona Rama's criticism. At present the world's first transfer worth Borgba's agent is also Rai Aola, seeing their agent and Donahora was criticized, Borgba sit still Michael Grabner Jersey. He also renewed his own Twitter to express his support for Donaluma. Chelsea sent a female director Marina - Granovsk Kaya and Conte meet Jesper Fast Jersey, the two sides talked about the new contract and the summer transfer plan, it is learned that Conti was encouraged. "Post" revealed that Chelsea agreed to pay $ 1,000,000 a year for Conti, and will actively promote the transfer work, and in the next few days, Conti and Abu will personally interview.

Florentino repeatedly stressed that

Le 27 juin 2017, 08:18 dans Humeurs 0

Florentino repeatedly stressed that Real Madrid has never received any one for the Mora tower, J Luo offer, but it is well known that Manchester United is very much hope to get Mora Viktor Stalberg Jersey, Old Trafford has even been He made a good contract, but even so, Florentino still insisted that Real Madrid did not receive the offer of Manchester United. For Mora Rata such a rotation player, Florentino is so cautious, how can he be in the C Luo's transfer problem on the care of it? O'Bermei Yang in the past two seasons to play a strong, has become the world's top soccer recognized top striker. Although the play in the Dott good, but the Obama is very deep with the high-level contradictions (the media that Obama and Dott's sponsor differences lead to both disputes) Chris Mueller Jersey. Prior to the German media "Bibliography" said Obermei Yang has cleared his own wardrobe in the Doric dressing room, while Obama's brother is still on the social network drying out of Obama's baggage baggage photos. The Sky Sports is disclosed, Conti and Chelsea good new contract salary between 950-1000 pounds, which also makes him the highest salary in the history of Chelsea coach Nathan Gerbe Jersey. At present, Conti and Chelsea also have a two-year contract. Last week, Chelsea in response to the hole from the rumors of noncommittal Brandon Pirri Jersey, but said Kong Di in Chelsea had a very happy. Sky Sports also revealed that Conti's wife and daughter will be moved to London to live with him.

Looking at today's international football

Le 27 juin 2017, 08:18 dans Humeurs 0

Looking at today's international football, Manchester United and Real Madrid is undoubtedly the richest two clubs, this summer, the two teams will prepare training base in Los Angeles, California, USA; more noteworthy is that the two sides will even in short 16 days time to meet twice in the game: one is July 23 warm-up match Rick Nash Jersey, the other is the August 8 of the European Super Cup. In many media, the French side of Paris will be Obama's next stop, and in order to get Obama Bay, Paris will be out of 10 million euros in salary, and at the same time to give him a signature fee of 6 million euros The Although this news has burst out of three weeks, but the big Paris has been delayed with the signing of Obama. Recently, the "newspaper" pointed out that the new Paris sports director Enrique for the Obama is not a cold new york rangers jersey sale, and coach Emery also believe that Obama will not meet the team's tactical needs, so Obama joined Paris' s trade is close to stranding Josh Jooris Jersey. But Obermy Yang did not worry about the next home. According to the French media "Parisian" news, Premier League giants Liverpool hope to introduce the Duo special forward Dan Boyle Jersey.

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